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2013 Cosplay Review by Mistress-Zelda 2013 Cosplay Review by Mistress-Zelda
You can expect one more end-of-the-year wrapup from me in my journal tomorrow, and then onwards and upwards to awesome new stuff in 2014! I hope you all had an amazing year too :)

This year has been dubbed "The year of Venture Bros, Batman, and oh god why do I keep picking costumes that require so much painting" - Read on if you'd like to see how I made each costumes or where the nude sets are published. Some of you may not know that my cosplay, while a lot of fun, is mainly a source of income for me, so a lot of the cosplays I make don't get worn to conventions before they are sold, and sometimes I will make cosplays of characters I'm not super interested in (that is normally not the case, though). I didn't attend nearly as many cons this year as I was more involved in the SCA and I've been doing it for 12 years So a break was kind of in order. I'll get back to more next year, although I'm on a new-cosplay break for the next 6 months.

1. Tank Girl, which was a remake. This was a nude set shot for Pixel Vixens by Tony Butler. The bra was made out of found objects and painstakingly painted! The set was shot at an abandoned Nazi camp in Los Angeles. I'd like to remake this again sometime because the bra was a little smaller than I wanted it to be and my combat boots had fallen apart by the time the shoot rolled around and I didn't have good shoes for the outfit

2. Triana from Venture Bros. I had seen episodes of Venture Bros before but this was the first year I sat down and watched the series from beginning to end and it makes so much difference! Amazing writing. This nude set was shot by J S Edmonds for Geeky Girls After Dark. I bought 2 black shirts at JoAnns, hemmed one to be short and painted it, and turned the other into an elastic waisted skirt. We shot it in the kitchen with cereal because I had just watched the intro episode with Triana XD

3. Bulma, this costume was purchased from Cheeker Cosplay on etsy, then I added some details to it (mostly the ears). This nude set was shot by MXD Studios for Vodkka Girls. Actually some people don't know that while I make or piece together the majority of my cosplays, every once in awhile I will just buy them, and I don't really see why people get so up in arms about doing so XD

4. Sheik! This one was a lot of fun to put together. I bought the bodysuit and painstakingly hand painted it. Laying out the design took forever! The bib has an embroidered design. I never found the perfect wig for this unfortunately but I did get to wear it to a convention at least. This sold to someone in France, and got lost in the mail for almost 2 months - I was super sad about it! But it mysteriously showed up again and now it's gone to it's new owner

5. Darth Vader, this one kind of split people pretty heavily as obviously it's not a traditional "cosplay" and is more just an homage to Vader. The outfit itself was originally made as a black metal look but I was hosting a geeky pinups shoot and thought it would be a fun outfit to put together. This image was shot by Mykes Photos. I still think it's a fun look but you know nerdrage - at the end of the day I make the kind of work *I* want to see.

6. Red Sonja! This was one of my first times really working with metal and armor. All the individual pieces were cut out by my boyfriend and the shoulder and leg pieces were hammered out by him as well. It took me 3 attempts until I finally figured out the best way for me to assemble the pieces into the bra and skirt. Ended up doing it with chainmail on top of a leather loincloth and bra. It took quite some time to put together but I'm very happy with how it turned out Still have to wear this one to a convention! Photos shot by DW Kim.

7. Dr. Mrs. The Monarch! This is one of my favorite costumes from this year and the only one I really wish I hadn't sold XD I would have liked to wear this one to a con. Again, lots more painting, hand sewn wings, and my first time making boot covers. Really happy with how they turned out. The crown was made out of 2 childrens foam crowns from JoAnns and than laquered to stay firm. Photo shot by Down To Foto. This one also got posted on the main Venture Bros page! Also got a lot of mixed reviews because of my tattoos and not having huge boobs, and apparently my mannish face. But I never let any of that stop me XD

8. Mary Marvel, this one was made because I found a red bodysuit at Goodwill, it took me awhile to decide if I wanted to do Mary Marvel or a new Ms. Marvel. Decided on Mary Marvel because you don't see her as often. Made the attached cape, added the embroidered symbol, made the belt, and used the boot covers from Dr. Mrs. The Monarch. The brooch pieces were made by my boyfriend. I wish I had gotten better photos of this one before it sold...oh well. Photo by Down to Foto.

9. Samus! Actually, I am not a fan of the Metroid series (*gasp!*) but I like Samus' outfit a lot and knew she was a character that would sell quickly. This was a Zentai suit I purchased and hand painted. This one probably took the longest out of any of them, but I don't know for sure. I have a lot...a LOT...of hand painting hours into costumes this year. I was pretty stoked on how she turned out although I would have liked to have a real prop for her and maybe done a nude set with it Also would have liked to wear this one to a convention...but alas! Maybe I'll hold onto my outfits a little bit longer next year. Photo by DW Kim.

10. Velma! This one was the result of thrift shopping. I had done Daphne already so it was time for Velma, the photos are kind of dark and eery, I would have liked to shoot her at a location somewhere but ah well. I might redo her someday because the skirt wasn't exactly what I anticipated when I ordered it. Photo by b3n2ts.

11. Sailor Moon, this one was an outfit purchased from a Halloween site, but it wasn't super low quality like most of them. It was originally purchased just with the intention of reselling (I don't watch anime), but I decided to shoot it once before getting rid of it. Obviously it's not 100% exact, but it's kind of an "adult" version of it. This cosplay exists for the sole reason of this tentacle photo, which is still one of my favorite photos from this year. The wig was actually a Hatsune Miku wig we recolored and digitally added some props to. Photo by DW Kim.

12. Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice...Beetlejuice is one of my alltime favorite films. I've done tons of cosplays from the movie and TV show now. Beetlejuice was the only character left to do, so I made a feminized version of it for Comic Con. Seemed to be a popular character for women to cosplay this year, we all kind of decided to do it at the same time. The leggings are purchased as was the jacket, but the lines were entirely handpainted. I wanted to use my own hair for the outfit. I was happy with how the makeup turned out, which is not normally my strong suit. These photos are some of my favorites from the year as well, shot at Comic Con by Mike Rollerson. This costume is still for sale if anyone is interested

13. MOAR VENTURE BROS. Hunter Gathers stripper outfit I think is such a funny design. The character designs on that show are just begging to be made. I've seen it done once or twice but its still a pretty obscure outfit and I wanted to try my hand at it. The top and bottom were purchased, then altered. A lot of the pieces were things I had or hunted down at military surplus stores. The photos were shot by JaW Images Photography. This costume is also still for sale!

14. Judy Funnie Wanted to do some 90's nostalgia in there. Loved this show growing up and Judy was kind of the original hipster, don't you think? Wanted to try for another obscure character, the dress was purchased and then altered to be correct, and I used a full bodysuit underneath. The photos were shot by JaW Images Photography who had the perfect location for this character.

15. Poison Ivy, who has gone through a few different transformations this year. This was before the costume was entirely finished but we decided to shoot it anyway, as more of an animated series look. Was shot for the Girls of Geek calendar which is out for purchase now! I haven't released any of the images for it except for this small preview here, so you should go pick up your copy and see what other cool stuff is in there Photo by DW Kim

16. Harley Quinn, a new redesign of my old gothic version. The PVC bra I found at a thrift shop, painted and restyled to be Harley Quinn, along with the pants. Styled it differently with accessories and voila. Photo by DW Kim.

17. Dr. Harleen! A different version of Harley than I had done previously. I had the labcoat because of my Dr. Zoidberg cosplay (another Goodwill find!) so decided to do this version. Styled out of pieces from my closet, I had a lot of fun setting up the scene for this character. Drew several different Batman inkblots. This nude set is up on Geeky Girls After Dark and was shot by Specular Photography.

18. Poison Ivy again, this time with the full bodysuit finished. The leaves I purchased were nowhere near as large as I thought they would be so it took forever - FOREVER - to sew them all on. Overall happy with how it turned out, but I don't know...I just don't do Ivy like I do Harley. She's a cool character, but I don't embody her as much. One day I'll get it. Photos by Specular Photography.

19. Zoidberg! This was originally going to be for Halloween but I didn't finish in time. The mask was made out of finger tentacles and a painted ski mask (I thought it would work better because of the pre-made eye and mouth holes, for seeing and drinking/breathing) - It worked pretty well but if I was to remake it I'd make the mask from scratch using fleece. The eyeballs are ping pong balls I cut in half and sewed on. The gloves are oven mitts and the rest was Goodwill finds that I altered. Overall happy with how it turned out, it was supposed to be campy and cartoony. This outfit is also still for sale This image shot by Mykes Photos.

20. And ending the year with more Harley! This dress was a leather dress I found at the Goodwill and completely redesigned. I dyed it all with several layers of shoe polish, added the lace and diamonds. I also dyed the leather gloves and added lace, and made the shoes from yet another Goodwill find (brand new shoes in my size!) - painted them and added the lace. The prop was also made by me and my boyfriend, he brought home pieces from an old pop up tend that we then reused to create the punching glove. The glove is a big inflatable one and the handles on it are bicycle handles. I have enough stuff to make one more of these props, and the dress is also still for sale, if anyone is interested! These photos were a Batman villains group shoot I hosted for Alt+3rR0r at the end of the year and was tons of fun Also had a cork gun I borrowed from Mr. Pinskis Props. Photo by Keith Jones.
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ClockworkApocalypse Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2013
that's an impressive collection of work:) can't wait to see what you come up with in 2014!
rpost61 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2013
Another nicely done review... strong work. I like your idea of a redo for the tank girl and Velma characters :)
Mistress-Zelda Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014  Professional General Artist
Not going to do nearly as much cosplay this year (this review didn't count non-cosplay costumes into the equation...) - Going to be doing more historical recreation and less cosplay. But maybe I should post some of what I have in mind for 2014?
rpost61 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014
Historical recreation is cool... I'm down for whatever you've got in mind :) (Smile) 
Abigtreehugger Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
I love the Velma shot, I have just found a hot water bottle with a Velma jersey on it, its great a hot velma to cuddle.
Mistress-Zelda Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014  Professional General Artist
People sure do love Velma!
Abigtreehugger Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Well I suppose since I am a Geek/Nerd, I would go for Velma rather than Daphne. I supppose most peole think they have a better chance of a date with the Geek than the prom queen.
WildWastelandPhoto Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2013  Professional Photographer
Very impressive line up.
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